Gin Rummy Pro App Reviews

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I like it

For the money I think it’s pretty nice.. I can play for hours just wish it had option to find random players

Great fun for insomnia

My only regret with this game is the sound does not work, nor is there any place to inquire how to fix it. Other than that, it’s just a mindless game that helps my insomnia!

Hands end too quick!

I’ve been playing the purchased version for a couple of months and while I do enjoy it there are a few things that are bothersome. The first being the hands end too quick a lot of the time. Like when the cards are dealt and within a couple of seconds the either I’m able to know or the computer is. This is a result of being dealt an almost completed hand. (I prefer building my own hand and I don’t want the computer to be able to knock that soon either.) I also agree with a few other reviews. Such as “really not nice” review as well as “fun to play but needs improvement”. When I first started playing this game I played at the normal level and soon moved up to difficult. I like the challenge. But I agree that the game needs improvements.


I have only been playing the game for a few days but I am really enjoying it. I like being able to choose skill level. I play every day.

Good game

Easy to play, nice game. Not sure about the difficulty. At “normal” I always win, at “difficult” I usually win. I am not that good or lucky

Not a bad little game

Very nice-looking game — fast — nice graphics. It is worth the price for GinRummy addicts. I have not had any problems running it on my late 2012 MacBook Pro with the latest maverick version.


Good way to wait for someone or a fun way to wast time.

Gin Rummy Pro

Would not open when first downloaded. Seems to be working now. I like that you can pick your level of play. I like it.

mario meatball

Good game to relax with .

Good Game

Nice options for customization and easy to use. Love it.

gin rummy

ben fatto

OK, not great.

The game is entertaining enough. What bugs me most is that the computer rarely, if ever, goes Gin. It always knocks, even if the deck is almost empty, so it ends up with a low score of, like, 4, or gets under cut. Very frustrating. It should only be designed to knock within the first few hands of the game. The winning/losing music is a cheap sounding midi that grates on the ears.

Fun to play but needs improvement

I want to decide to rearrange my hand not to automatically have it done for me. This would me a more enjoyable game if the player had more control. I play it almost every day and enjoy it.

Great game, what is the knocking?

It’s fun, I love Gin, worth the $$. My grandmother taught me to play gin, but she never taught me about knocking. Oh well. Great game, highly recommend

Game Is Stacked

THis is a fun game but the cards are in no way randomly dealt, especially on the hard level. You break up a pair and 95% of the time the next card out is the same one no matter if it’s off the deck or from the opponent. I am sure that some of you will think that this is sour grapes because of not winning but play and you will see. It is incredible the number of times that the cards that you just tossed are the next ones on the discard pile. Also if you get a big lead in the game then the opponent knocks right away. My review is mixed becasue I love Gin and am very good at it. The stacked deck makes it more challenging and helps to make me a better player but there is no way that the cards can randomly fall this way.

taught me new rules

i like the knocking part of this game. really takes a lot more intellect to play the right way

Card Player

Cards stacked. Option to have dealt cards on right side. Like knock option but agree with other reviews - my Dad would be mortified.

Two minor gripes

I agree, this is a FUN game. Before I read the review about the “next card” after breaking up a pair, I was going tosuggest that the game let me win the first few rounds, just so I’d give it a five star rating :) After some experience, I find it very entertaining, to the point where I really want to give it five stars. My gripes are with the “badges” at the bottom: The PASS button at the beginning of a game is a bit oversized. It can cover the suit of a Jack, for example, so you can’t tell if it’s a club or a spade. That’s critical information if you’re deciding to pass on a black ten. Also, the KNOCK button has a “click zone” defined outside its boundary. More than once I’ve clicked to discard but the game took it as a knock request.

Gin review

This is a very great app and very fun to play , My favorite games are card games and pinball games and I gave this game as 5 stars the only bad thing is it says compatibility 10.6 or later i have only had it work in 10.8 and 10.9 my iMac is a early 2008


it is a fun game i find it most interesting i had to learn gin so it was a big help. i like the three levels of play.

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